About FFN

Welcome to Financial Freedom News!

In these times of an uneven economic recovery, high unemployment, a widening gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else, the American Dream seems farther away than ever. 

Our Mission

We at Financial Freedom News are dedicating our efforts to researching and publishing information that will help our readers, nationally and internationally, stay abreast of the best ways to achieve financial freedom during their lifetimes. 

Financial Freedom News is an online news journal that, through our editorial team, scours the media for expert sources that offer pertinent  information addressing the issues of Financial Freedom, Financial Independence and Financial Security. 

These terms, while similar, have distinct meanings and require subtle but real  differences in strategies.  We at FFN seek to identify those strategies and place them in a context for action by our readers.

Our Operations

If you have a serious interest in achieving a level of control over your financial life, we urge you to read Financial Freedom News regularly. 

We publish Financial Freedom News on a regular, periodic basis as we identify information we feel is of note for our readers.  We urge you to follow us so that you will be automatically alerted when new information is published. 

We also publish: book reviews, special reports and newsletters devoted to specific aspects of the personal financial management process. These materials are designed to give our readers a focused review of a topic at a reasonable cost.    This allows the reader to understand the issues quickly so that appropriate action may be taken.

We review and offer quality information products by experts in the various aspects of personal financial management.  Again, our goal is to provide our readers with the best materials to help them achieve their goal of financial freedom.

Please Share Your Views

We encourage you to share your views on the topics that we cover in the comments section at the end of each post.  We also ask that you suggest topics about which you would like information. If within our area of knowledge, we will investigate those specific recommended topics.

This is our way of ensuring our relevancy for our readers, forming a community of like-minded readers and adequately covering the personal financial management field of which achieving financial independence is our focus.   

Special Notice

Please be advised that we will review all comments prior to publishing them.  We ask that your comments be related and appropriate to the post and/or the FFN publication. 

As a professional publication dedicated to serving our readers, inappropriate language, tone and subject matter will  not be published. 


If you wish to advertise a product or service that is germane to the topics covered in Financial Freedom News, please indicate the details of your offering in the remarks section at the end of the postings. 

Your request will be reviewed and a determination made as to whether advertising will be allowed.

No form of advertising will be published without the prior permission of Financial Freedom News.

Again, welcome the Financial Freedom News!  And, watch for upcoming news features geared to identifying the optimal methods for financial success!


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